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Thai strain, 100% mycelium growbox from highly experienced and dedicated producer,

20-30g of dried Magic Mushrooms can be expected, fool proof growing.




Thai strain, 100% mycelium growbox from a dutch producer with 25+ years experience:

Yields of 20-30g of dried Magic Mushrooms can be expected, fool-proof growing, no prior experience or equipment required.

About the Thai strain:

The place of origin of the Psilocybe Thai is Koh Samui, Thailand. It was discovered by enthomycologist John Allen outside the city of Hua Thanon. This magic mushroom has shorter fruit than other cubenses, but with a large cap and long and very meaty stems. It is considered to be the best party mushroom. In Thailand, a monthly Full Moon Festival is organised to honour their sacred mushrooms. Fast growing, abundant harvest, intense visual effects and a relaxed feeling make this mushroom extremely popular. It is also an excellent species for beginners. If you would like to get the right balance and good energy in your life, this is the perfect magic mushroom for you!

Due to the quality of the mushroom, the active substance content is considerably higher than the traditional grow kit.



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