Growbox Cambodian small size


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Cambodian strain, 100% mycelium growbox from highly experienced and dedicated producer,

20-30g of dried Magic Mushrooms can be expected, fool proof growing.




Cambodian strain, 100% mycelium growbox from a dutch producer with 25+ years experience:

Yields of 20-30g of dried Magic Mushrooms can be expected, fool-proof growing, no prior experience or equipment required.

About the Cambodian strain:

We recommend the Cambodian grow kits to inexperienced growers. The area of origin of this variety is Southeast Asia. It was discovered in the neighbourhood of the spectacular temple Angkor Wat, in the province of Siem Reap. In ancient times, these mushrooms were used in religious practices and rituals. They made it easier to communicate with their gods.

This variety is the perfect species of mushroom for growers who do not have a lot of experience cultivating these mushrooms. These mushrooms are very easy to grow and have a relatively predictable yield.



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